Who we are

The entrepreneurial spirit our employees is the core competitiveness of Direct Global Genetics

About us

Direct              Minimizing the costs from the producer of genetics to the end user

Global              Bringing elite genetics, free of restrictions, to end users throughout the globe

Genetics         Genetics is a core contributor to increase sustainability in food production and increase farm profitability.

At Direct Global Genetics , we are passionately dedicated to the breeding and health of cows and bulls with an unwavering commitment to animal welfare, sustainable production and food quality. With years of industry experience and insight, we have established a clear mission and core values that guide every aspect of our work. We are committed to raising healthy livestock, promoting ethical practices, and producing food that benefits people.

Animal Welfare at the Center:

Animal Welfare at the Center:

We believe that the welfare of our cows and bulls is our primary responsibility. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment, proper nutrition and ongoing veterinary care to ensure healthy and happy lives for our animals.

Health and Prevention:

Health and Prevention:

The health of our cattle is a top priority. We implement rigorous disease prevention programs, including vaccination plans and constant monitoring of animal health, to guarantee the quality and safety of our products.

The company 

Direct Global Genetics (DDG) is an USA based genetic supplier that sources directly from elite registered large commercial breeding farms. These breeding farms make a living selling Milk and Beef and select genetics for real world profitability. Direct Global Genetics delivers these genetics, whether it is semen, embryos, or AI bulls in a direct and lean manner to our global clients. Our success is built on the back with the support of large global dairies milking thousands of cows.

  • Our goal is to bring our products to your dairy efficiently to maximize your profitability.

Mission, vision


At Direct Global Genetics we recognize that cattlemen need reliable, farm proven, high quality genetics in order for them to reach their sustainability and profitability goals


We contribute to produce sustainable food to feed the growing world population and eliminate hunger. We do this with  a highly capable team, motivated to help our customers be successful. 

Bull studsĀ 

Bull housing and semen production is at the highest standards, all collection centers meet CSS and international standards required for export.

We care about animals, housing, health, animal welfare and feeding is all provided of the highest quality and standards. This ensures production of high quality, high fertile semen. 

Global Distribution

Direct Global Genetics wants to supply products that fit your environment and market. Direct Global Genetics  will provide products to your business specification, let us know your need, and we create these products for you. 

Global Direct Genetics strives to deliver its products as efficiently and  economically as possible. 

Global Direct Genetics has three main distribution centers in the world. They are in Michigan, USA, for distribution to the Americas and ME countries. Our center in norther Spain services all EU countries. We also have our own bull stud and semen distribution center in China. 

For a number of countries, we are looking to grow our distributor network. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Global Direct Genetics, please let us know. We do look forward working with you.